CRM Case Study: How We Helped a Company Increase Sales by 2,746%

A plotted dot graph showing an upward trajectory.

You’re reading this because you want to increase extended warranty sales.

So, what would be a better investment: Short-lived sales training or everyday use of a CRM made to sell more extended car warranties and home policies?

Well, there’s an 84% chance your call center will forget its training in three months.

That means the smarter investment would be Inline CRM—and we have the case studies from real companies to prove it.

CRM Case Study #1: A 2,746% Sales Increase

One of our clients had no problem getting prospects to their call center. But their leads were usually ice cold.

Most of their time was spent trying to answer basic questions:

  • How did they find out about us?
  • How serious are they about buying?
  • How much do they know about our product?

Hours were wasted that could have been spent warming those leads up faster.

Talk about inefficiency!

But when this client switched to us from Moxy, their sales took off like a rocket.

Bar graph showing Inline CRM helped a company generate nearly one thousand more extended warranty sales per month.

Here’s Why:

Inline has a full suite of built-in selling tools:

  • Follow Up Management
  • Prospect Queues
  • Action-Based Emails

Consistent use of these features warmed those prospects right up.

Plus, our flexible pricing feature simplified the sales process by leaps and bounds.

CRM Case Study #2: 106% Sales Increase

Smaller call centers need all the help they can get. No guess work is allowed with limited resources.

CRMs (especially Inline) can clearly prioritize today’s to-dos. And that prioritization makes a huge difference—especially when call center reps buy in to the technology at their fingertips.

Bar graph showing Inline CRM helped one company more than double their monthly extended warranty sales in multiple months.

Here’s Why:

This call center was a little intimidated by Inline CRM’s features. (We understand. There are a ton.)

But with our ongoing support and training, they were able to turn the corner in a big way a few months later. Qualified leads were sent to their best rep, doubling the number of sales they made before using our solution.

This proves we’re here to provide service after the sale—so you’re ready to make money whenever the phone rings. Maybe that’s why our retention rate exceeds 90% for active companies.

CRM Case Study #3: 226% Sales Increase

Sales reps know that persistence pays off. In fact, the Marketing Rule of 7 states the average prospect needs to see a message seven times before acting.

Persistence also pays off when it comes to CRM training. That’s why we recommend you make it a focal point of your sales rep onboarding. When reps know CRM usage is mandatory, they’ll do as they’re told—and make more sales as a result.

Bar graph showing how Inline CRM helped one company sell two thousand more extended warranty policies per month.

Here’s Why:

We’ll be the first to admit it took this client a little longer than we’d like to use all our features. But we’re glad they bought in.

They are, too.

Their familiarity with our tools increased their confidence, resulting in big strides for their mail campaigns.

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