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Automate Your Warranty Claims Process.

Processing extended warranty claims isn’t as easy as pushing a couple of buttons—or is it?

Inline Admin streamlines it all so requests get into the hands of your pre-approved vendors and contractors faster.

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Simpler Warranty Processing Services

You know how complex the review and follow through of extended home or auto claims can be.

So do we. So, we thought through every step to help you maximize profit and customer satisfaction and put it in one piece of software.

Shorten Your Claims’ Lifecycle


Claims Comparison. Our system compares the submitted home or auto claim against the policy coverage purchased to weed out potential fraud or requests that would be manually denied.

Authorization and Compliance

Rules Based. You create the rules that authorize what should be paid out and approve changes on the fly.


It’s Easy. Our Virtual Claim Payment integration is just one way we take care of your finance team.


Give Updates. SMS integration texts vendors and customers up-to-the-minute status reports.

Our Warranty Processing Software Is Used By

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Automotive Groups
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Car Dealers
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Extended Warranty Administrators
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Consumer Products Administrators

Improve Your Home, Car and Consumer Products Warranty Claims Process

Fewer Mistakes. Less Overhead. People make mistakes. Our software is smart.

Eliminate errors caused by manual input
Submit claims in OEM/carrier specific formats
Reduce the resources you use with every warranty claim you create

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It’s Automatic.

Why do all the busy work that goes into fulfilling a claim when our software does it for you?

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Vehicle History Integration.

View information about every customer VIN, validated by Carfax and AutoCheck:

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Advanced Analysis.

Inline Admin helps you dig deeper to find what’s impacting your bottom line:

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See Every Claim, Forever.

Inline Admin stores every claim submitted for you to reference its:

Our Warranty Claims Processing Is Trusted By:

See How You Can Simplify Your Home and Auto Claims Process

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