About Inline Data Systems

We firmly believe data is the transformative element for successful companies—so much so that it takes center stage in everything we stand for, including our name.

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Our Mission

Provide reliable, cost-effective software that can flex and bend while growing our clients’ business.

Our Values

Technology First

Early adoption of emerging technology gives our clients a competitive edge

Aim to Please (And Deliver)

Give clients what they want: New features, must-have integrations and new partnerships

Customers Are Our Core

Provide wow-worthy service during every interaction, before and after the sale

Your Team

We aren’t the biggest team in the industry, but we might be the brightest and most nimble. We’ve worked the same roles you have—sales, fulfillment and service—so we have a firm grip on how to serve you best.

Justin Wilkerson | Principal & Founder

Justin is that proverbial tech whiz kid we’ve all heard about. Starting as an intern in a VSC (extended warranty) call center at the age of 19, he quickly took over IT management at that same company. He later founded Inline Data Systems.

As Inline has grown over the years, media publications have taken an interest in Justin’s trail-blazing career in the extended warranty space. Check out these articles from the Republic Times and CIO Applications that detail Justin’s success.

Justin Wilkerson
Jake Lawson

Jake Lawson | Systems Specialist

Jake holds the official title of “The Most Gear-Headed Gearhead Around.” He is all things hardware here at Inline. Jake knows all there is to know about cables, components and equipment. His second-to-none expertise helps make us the industry leader we are.

Marcy Johnson | Vice President of Operations and Client Management

Marcy (or “Old Lady” as all these young folks call her) is our in-house extended warranty industry expert. She started her career in May 2000 and has done everything from lick envelope flaps on fulfillment mailers back in the day to running a finance company.

Marcy Johnson
Kerry Osterhage

Kerry Osterhage | Senior Software Developer

Kerry gets to tinker, code and integrate all of the latest and greatest features of Inline CRM and Inline Admin. It’s kind of like he gets to work in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but with computer chips instead of chocolate chips.

Susan Roy | Production Specialist

Suzie (as we call her) is in charge of churning out booklets lightning-fast to get them into the hands of our clients’ customers ASAP. Suzie runs a tight production room and keeps everything running smooth.

Susan Roy
Alberta Concialdi

Alberta Concialdi | Document Specialist

How do we push out amazing documents day after day? Thanks to Alberta: The best document specialist in town! She’s a master at taking documents from various vendors and making them look stellar in our booklet format.

Angela Sievers | Director of Sales & Client Relations

Angie came to Inline Data Systems from the travel industry, so she really understands clients’ wants and needs. She keeps everyone here on their toes with her mandatory birthday pics and social media posts.

Angie Sievers
Cindy Jackson

Cindy Jackson | Client Support Specialist

Cindy is hands down the MOST knowledgeable person in the D2C warranty business! She started in the industry in 1998 working customer service in a call center. When our clients call, Cindy knows what they need before they can say it.

Ismail Akcaoglu | Senior Systems Engineer

Ismail joined the Inline team in 2021 from the education sector. He brings a lovely level of organization and expertise to our mission.

Ismail Akcaoglu

Inline Data Systems proudly sponsors and volunteers for these causes close to our heart:

Member—Columbia Chamber of Commerce

But enough about us.

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