Minding Your P’s and CRM Queues

Illustration of a person standing on a letter, corssing off a giant checklist.

If you’re finding it more challenging to sell, you’re not alone. Get this: A startling 91% of organizations failed to hit their sales quotas in 2023.

Wild, right?

A peek under the hood shows that there are two main culprits:

  • Poor time management
  • Unstructured sales processes

Any sales organization knows that a CRM helps alleviate those concerns. But we’ll go one step further by saying CRM queues are the lowest hanging fruit you can pluck — and if you’re not using them, you should.

Like, now.

Let’s explore why.

CRM Queue Benefit #1: It Reduces Stress

Talking to prospects is a given. But guessing who to call and when is a stressful, scattershot approach at best — if you aren’t using the right technology.

And when you have a list of leads to call with no rhyme, reason or priority, you’ll experience a sense of being overwhelmed. Your heart [BR1] will beat faster and harder. In fact, information overload (and underload) can lead to:

  • A lack of engagement
  • A loss of productivity
  • Missed deadlines
  • Letting colleagues down
  • Poor communication with clients and vendors

But with Inline, our CRM queue greets you first thing in the morning with prospect names, phone numbers and their product interest.

Put simply: No guess = less stress.

And more sales.

CRM Queues Ensure Calls Are Made

If opportunity knocks, you’re supposed to answer the door.

And if you’re given a lead, you should contact them.

But get this: Even those with well-honed lead-management strategies consider a 75%+ follow-up rate a win.

You read that right — some companies feel it’s completely fine to let a quarter of their leads languish! We’ll never understand why. It’s almost like they have an infinite marketing budget and don’t mind setting money on fire.

A CRM queue makes it impossible for leads to slip through the cracks. As a bonus, no matter the outcome of your contact — sale/no sales, no answer or follow up later — you can place them in the appropriate category or subsequent queue to be handled appropriately.

They Boost Employee Retention

So far, we’ve been focusing on how queues can be beneficial from a customer or revenue perspective.

But as it turns out, CRM queues can help attract and retain people who are arguably even more important: your salespeople.

Here’s why: People like feeling valued. And one way companies can show they value their employees is by investing in the tools that save time and make them better at their job.

In fact, 94% of employees would stay at their job if their current employer invested in their long-term learning.

CRM queues open educational opportunities for salespeople because they’re not wasting time hunting for information or scribbling their to-dos on Post-Its. Everything is structured for them. And as a result, salespeople have more mental bandwidth to be in the moment, or, better yet, prepare and visualize what their next prospect call will look like.

Additionally, this frees up their schedule to listen to previous calls to learn what could’ve been improved or hold more 1:1s with management.

CRM Queues Can Rapidly Improve Performance

An underrated benefit of queues is that they’re like a digital checklist. Each contact is marked off.

Even if the outcome isn’t a sale, reps feel like progress of some sort is being made. And feelings of progress release dopamine, which helps with productivity.

But eventually, you’re going to want to know how much progress is good and how much it can be improved.

With Inline’s CRM queue system, each outcome is catalogued for you to analyze. You might find that certain reps excel at selling home warranties compared to auto warranties. Or, you might find one rep starts hitting their stride mid-afternoon compared to right before lunch.

Regardless, you can refine your company’s selling approach based on how you structure your queue. Even better, you can automate lead assignments, which brings us to our final benefit…

Queues Balance Your Leads

According to sales leaders, only half of them believe the prospects they speak with are a good fit for their product or service.

Now, not every lead is going to be a golden lead. But at the same time, salespeople can feel demoralized quick if they think they’re constantly trying to sell a nightlight to the sun. Or if they believe certain reps are getting more qualified leads than they are.

With Inline CRM, you can automate a lot of tasks — yes, even lead assignment. And as it turns out, automated lead distribution can increase conversion rates by an astonishing 87%!

You can set up each rep’s queue based on round robin, tiered assignments or retrieval method. As a bonus, each lead is assigned to one rep, so there is no chance of working the same record.

Say Goodbye to Sales Stress

Tired of letting leads slip through the cracks? Inline’s CRM queues will reawaken your sales potential.

Imagine starting every morning with a precise, prioritized list of leads designed to fit your team’s strengths. Then picture what happens when your reps are more confident and have more time to hone their skills.

Take a cue from satisfied customers who increased revenue by more than 2,500% (that’s not a typo) and take our CRM for a free test drive.