Inline Admin

Software That Makes Financial Administration Less Frustrating​

Inline Admin boasts the most accurate and flexible money tracking tools on the market. Period. It’s what separates our
auto and home warranty software from the rest.

Other Financial Systems Require You To:

Inline Simplifies Your Business Finances With:

Quote marks.

All-in-One Allocation

No more clunky or confusing steps. Just select customizable dropdowns to fund whatever type of transaction you want.

inline admin - allocate funds to transaction screen
process transactions screen within inline admin.

Presto Processing

Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Select if you want to process a payment or deposit
  2. Specify the transaction account to use
  3. Our software takes care of the rest

Ready-Made Reconciliation

Reconciling payments and deposits is as easy as filtering by company, selling agent, insurance carrier and other account types.

reconcile deposits and payments screen within inline admin.
surcharges screen within Inline Admin.

Rule Your Rates

With our financial management software, your business can create and apply billing rules to certain extended home warranty policies or VSCs. Does a customer have a home over 2,500 square feet? A truck with a 6.5L V12 engine? You can automatically tack on surcharges for just about any criteria you can think of. 

hands on a mouse and book while looking at data on a screen

The Ultimate in Unlimited

Create unlimited sellers, option sets, products and coverage types.

Why Should You Use Our Financial Administration Software?

100% Certainty.

You’ll always know who owes you money and who you owe money to.

100% Native.

No more pulling data from an outside source or working in spreadsheets outside your system. You can do everything right in our software.

100% Real Time.

Look up any financial information you want for instant analysis.

100% Efficient.

Batch process thousands of transactions at once for dramatic time savings.

Our Warranty Claims Processing Is Trusted By:

Put Our Financial Management and Administration Software to the Test

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