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Service Contract Management and Fulfillment. Simplified.​

One system. That’s all you need to manage and fulfill service contracts more efficiently.

Inline Admin integrates must-have functionality that replaces multiple programs—all in one cloud-based system.

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Contract Creation
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Work Orders
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Import Templates Easier

What happens when you send data to contract management software  that’s not mapped in the exact field format?

It’s kicked back and you’re forced to manipulate the file to give the receiving system what it needs.

Not anymore. With Inline Admin, you can create and apply import maps for every file you receive. That means no more time-wasting headaches.c

Standardize Your Service Contract Creation

With Inline Admin, you can create templated contracts for each tier and type of extended warranties you fulfill. You don’t have to create contracts from scratch or heavily modify the contracts you’ve been using:

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Save Time
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Speed Up Bidding
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Save Processing Costs

No More Warranty Leakage

Every part, service, and hour spent on claims that fall outside the scope of your extended warranty policies results in lost profit.

Inline Admin eliminates that all-too common inefficiency: “Giving something for nothing.”

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Define SLAs
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Outline Approved Parts Pricing
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Outline Approved Labor Costs

Cut Seller Program Setup Time In Half

Create and assign global rules to sellers without manually calculating every time you take on a new seller.

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Earnings Rules
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Renewal Rules
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State Sets

You’ll set up more sellers faster and use far fewer hours to do it.

Easy Contract Rate Access

Just export your rate file to a seller and your rates will appear in their CRM. Plus, you can integrate menu tools with a dealer’s management system for quick-look access.

More Than Managing

Inline Admin delivers extra functionality to enhance every element of your extended warranty fulfillment, from start to finish.

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Third-party financial integration with up-to-the-second payment data for your claims adjusters.

Learn About Financial Administration

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Robust custom reporting with-need-to-know info about claims, sales, cancels and more.

Learn About Custom Claims Reports

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