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It’s really that easy, because we made it that way. The second you log in, you’ll have tools, cold calling scripts, email and direct marketing templates, mail merge capabilities and more to turn your call center into an extended warranty selling powerhouse. Everything you need to make more profit is right here in our integrated direct sales CRM… without nickeling and diming you.

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Build Sales Scripts

No more unstructured sales calls. No more uncertainty about how to answer. Our custom sales script builder sequences sales greetings, probing questions and information gathering techniques to steer your team towards another sale.

The Benefits of Using Our Sales Script Builder

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Train Faster.

Get new sales reps on the phone sooner so they can confidently sell your polices.

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Introduce New Products.

Integrate new product information directly into scripts so agents highlight important customer benefits without missing a beat.

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Customize Your Approach.

Build and deploy extended warranty call scripts based on product type, coverage, budget and other criteria for maximum profitability.

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Test and Tinker.

See which scripts sell and which scripts you should tear up with Script Session Reporting.

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Avoid Fines.

Ensure every customer goes through the same verification process before purchase. Session histories are recorded and permanently stored on the customer’s record.

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Optimize Your Call Center Marketing Campaigns

What’s performing? What’s not? Other service contract CRMs generate dynamic codes that make direct marketing campaign tracking an unmanageable mess. Take control of your warranty sales with data you can mine in seconds.

How It Works

Name Your Campaign -> Assign an Affiliate -> Specify the Channel (direct mail, email, TV, etc.) -> Set Up Campaign KPIs -> Analyze Results

Our Direct Sales CRM Benefits

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Pinpoint What’s Profitable.

Allocate more budget towards the winners for cost-effective performance.

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Visualize the Results.

No Excel wizardry needed. Easy-to-read pie charts, bar graphs, plot lines and more make this one of the best CRMs for direct sales on the market.

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Save Hours of Time.

Skip exporting records, learning list codes, assigning variables and building charts.

Import Sales Contract Leads Faster

With most CRMs: The only way to import leads is by importing a spreadsheet from an old system.

With Inline: You can merge your mail software with our built-in functionality.

Mail Merge Benefits

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Infinite Customization.

Names, addresses, envelopes, letterheads and more for truly integrated direct mail—right in our software.

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Merge from Any Source.

Online, offline, print, broadcast. Our mail merge functionality works across all media.

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Personalize Marketing.

Send your best-performing materials to prospects who are your hottest leads.

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Follow Up With Leads.

Assign prospects to queues and bump hotter leads to the top of your list with Followup Lead Management.


Sell Extended Warranties Anytime

Send prospects an email quote so they can buy online, even in the middle of the night. Since they have to acknowledge purchase twice, this cuts down on chargebacks and no-brainer marketing automation.

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Integrate Outside Software

Inline CRM comes with open API integration, so your multiple vendors and databases can push data to one central location: Ours.

Our Growing List of Integrations:

Google maps logo.

Google Maps

Pair contact address information with Google Maps to quickly locate nearby auto dealerships and repair shops.

cars dot com logo.

Combine contact address information with to find and review nearby auto dealerships and repair shops.

carfax logo


Look up vehicle history and CarFax reports to point out potential upcoming maintenance needs and sell more VSCs when you integrate with our CRM.

Repair Pal logo.


Sync contact vehicle info with RepairPal to easily estimate annual repair cost and when service is recommended on a per vehicle basis.

Federal Express logo.


Automatically track contact packages and verify signatures without leaving the CRM.

Mailchimp logo.


Sync and continuously update changes in customer contact information with mailchimp.

dealer rater logo

Dealer Rater

Access the global standard for car dealership reviews and research right from Inline CRM.

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Track direct mailer campaign delivery status and validate addresses directly inside the CRM.

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