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Follow Up With Warranty Leads Faster. Use Our Lead Management CRM.

Want better lead management for your call center?
Our prospecting CRM is packed with call center lead management software to increase your sales team’s productivity, reach more leads and boost your Return On Investment (ROI).

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Prioritize Leads

Make sure your red-hot leads are front and center in your call center’s WIP (work in progress) window. Your team will be able to click, sort and work their leads without ever logging out of Inline CRM. Managing your leads, selling extended warranties and fulfilling policies has never been easier.

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Set & Schedule Distribution Programs

You can set it and forget it, or easily manipulate distribution programs by determining which leads need more attention. Our built-in sales prospecting CRM features deliver unmatched flexibility so your leads get full attention.

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Create User Groups

Give each team or individual sales rep the leads they need in real time and limit the number of prospects assigned (if necessary).

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Custom Action & Status Setting

Automate your team’s call center lead management by creating custom actions and statuses so they can act and change status in one or two clicks.

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Custom Reports

Monitor how your leads are performing throughout the day and make necessary adjustments to maximize your warranty leads with up-to-the-second analytics.

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Why Use Our Call Center Lead Management Software?

Maximize Your Marketing Budget

You’re spending money to acquire new leads. Our tools give you more functionality to close more deals.

Focused Attention

No more wasted time working from a “gut feeling”. Your call center will know who is most likely to buy a home or auto service policy—and strike while the iron’s hot.

Find Your Next Opportunities

Identify your most profitable policies and up-sell opportunities in one central location.

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Make the Most of Your Warranty Leads with Inline CRM

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