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All The Custom Reports You Want. And Then Some.​

Just like with Inline CRM’s reporting power, Inline Admin comes with advanced reporting and data query capabilities, so you’ll do more than find answers.

You’ll take action to improve every angle of your extended warranty business with an always-growing number of default custom reports:

orange x on a white rectangle symbolizing a canceled order.


green claims icon.


green rectangle with an orange dollar sign on top.


orange exclamation mark on top of a green shield.


green calculator with orange screen and white buttons.


an orange number eight on its side superimposed on a green background.

Build Unlimited Custom Queries

Sometimes, you need to dig a little deeper. So, we made it easy for you to do, every time.

With our Custom Query Builder, you can find any extended warranty claim by mixing and matching nearly 70 different conditions, from Active Date to Type of Insurance.

Step 1:

Give your custom query a name

Step 2:

Assign a category

Step 3:

Give it a description

Step 4:

Build, save, then search for claims of that kind whenever you want

group in meeting reviewing CRM presentation data

More Custom Data Report Features

Privacy and Security.

Limit access to specific data or reports to only those who need to know.

Create Data Portals.

Set it up so the reports and queries you run most often are front and center when you login.

Custom Reporting Module Benefits

Break the Surface.

Standard reports are fine for a surface level view. You can mine as much data as you want with Inline Admin.


No more guesswork or answering “Probably.” You’ll make better decisions from factual analysis.

Define What’s Important.

Eliminate analysis paralysis by deciding what information is mission-critical.

Our Warranty Claims Processing Is Trusted By:

Ready To Build Your Own Custom Report Templates?

All you have to do is ask. We’ll give you access to Inline Admin for you to create all the custom reports you can think of. Just fill out the form below.

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