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Software That Streamlines Payroll, Commissions and Refunds

Your sales team loves payday. Your payroll team… maybe not so much.

They’re used to crunching numbers in spreadsheets using brain-bending formulas based on dozens of factors.

You can streamline it all with our integrated commission payroll software—included in our extended warranty CRM.

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Real-Time Commission Calculator

Every time your sales reps sell another policy, our commision-based payroll software instantly captures their cut. No more guessing or confusion about how much they’ll get paid.

We Code Your Sales Commissions

Say goodbye to V-Chart lookups and pivot tables. Just give us your parameters—no matter how complex, convoluted or confusing—and we’ll code everything for you so reps get 100% accurate commissions.

At-A-Glance Payroll Reporting Software

Simplify your payroll process by viewing every employee paycheck: Start date, end date and pay structure based on any combination of hourly wage, salary and commissions.


It’s that easy for your sales team to start tracking their time.

How Inline CRM Streamlines Payments

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Saves Time

No more manual calculations. Our “plug ’n’ pay” accounting software means one person can do payroll for a team of hundreds.

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Saves Money

No more overpaying or underpaying your sales team. Fewer errors make you more productive.

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Saves Resources

No more outside software or programs. Everything you need is built in our payroll CRM.

Customers Canceling?

Use Our Built-In Extended Warranty Refund Calculator.

Issuing a refund can differ depending on where the policy is held. In fact, 80% of states have some regulation that doesn’t come on a standard refund form.

Our extended warranty CRM accounts for it all.

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Keep Ever-Changing Refund Regulations in Check

With Inline CRM, you’ll never worry about looking up separate state regulations to calculate refunds for your customers. All you need is basic information and any refund owed is automatically calculated for you:

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State of sale
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Amount paid on contract
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Time elapsed on extended warranty

Our Commission and Refund Software Is Trusted By:

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