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It’s common with CRMs in the service contract sales fulfillment industry only to have fields to enter vehicle information, but clients don’t want to be boxed in to only sell vehicle warranties. This puts a limit on their capabilities as businesses. Inline addressed this problem and created separate fields for our customers to use and easily add home warranties sales to their business. That gap in the process is exactly where Inline’s home warranty management software can help. The system is custom built to allow you to sell home warranties to your customer base, all without the unnecessary workarounds you usually have to deal with in other software.

Adding this ability provides Inline CRM’s clients to sell home warranties in addition to their vehicle service contracts with custom fields such as:

  • Age of home
  • Purchase price
  • Square footage
  • Registrations
  • Claims
  • Home plan

This is designed to streamline processes for your business. The ease of use within this software capability is beneficial for your clients, as well as administrators of home warranty products. Consumers are buying home warranties at a record pace right now, if you want to add this home warranty products to your sales, Inline CRM makes it easy to do.


Ultimately, having this type of process in your existing system increases customer satisfaction and reduces work for you in the long run, you save time by not having to translate all workarounds in your other forms like replacing vehicle registration details with home-specific details. Home warranties provide an extra layer of protection for buyers and sellers, so having that type of product accessible to your customers will be ideal for both parties.

This home warranty management software feature is available in our dashboard and is ready to be used for all of our clients.

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