Four Reasons Your Company Needs Home Warranty Management Software

Would you rather have to pay to repair your car or your home?

The likely answer is “Neither.” But at some point, both are going to need some TLC.

While your company may focus on the extended car warranty market with its $25 billion industry valuation, you can make plenty of money selling extended home warranties: Around $4 billion if you were to capture the entire market.

That’s serious potential, especially once your prospects understand average home repair expenses run $2,500 a year.

Simply put: People need your service. Why else would nearly half of home sales include an extended warranty?

Using the right home warranty software can make selling and managing policies easier. And Inline streamlines the process even more because you can sell protection for cars, RVs and other warranties all in one CRM — ours!

Easy-to-Use Home Warranty Management Software

We all love a good combo or bundle.

Burger and fries. Dinner and a movie. And, of course, home and auto insurance.

You can bet that that many companies, like Progressive and State Farm, have one system to quote coverage for all types of warranties.

So, why shouldn’t your company have the same kind of system?

Just like our CRM has fields for things like make, model and mileage for extended auto policies, you can enter information for your prospects’:

  • Age of home
  • Purchase price
  • Square footage
  • Registrations
  • Claims
  • Home plan

Now, you can sell everything you want from one portal.

“Inline CRM is the only CRM in the warranty sales and fulfillment space that allows you to sell auto, home and RV warranties all on one household record.”

Justin Wilkerson
Principal & Sole-Proprietor
Inline Data Systems

Home Warranty CRMs Help You Capitalize on Customer Delight

You know that an extended home warranty provides value. But your prospects might think they’re a rip off. And to combat that myth, you’ll have to fight them with facts.


And one pretty important fact is this: On average, 88% of extended home warranty customers are satisfied with how their most recent claim was handled.

Even we were a little surprised by that number!

Keep in mind, 88% is an average. Your company could have a satisfaction rating that’s even better. And if it does, or if it’s anywhere north of 80%, you should make that the star of your selling efforts.

Selling efforts like emails, call center scripts and more.

And when those sales roll in, you can manage the claims that come your way in one central location!

Home Warranty Software Helps You Sell AND Save Customers

To find out how satisfied a customer is (or isn’t) with how their claim was handled, they’ll need to tell you.

The easiest way they can do that is through an emailed survey. And to make it super-simple for you, Mail Chimp is one of our CRM’s many APIs.

But if you’ve ever read online reviews, you’ve probably noticed that most people either love or hate a certain product or company. There’s a name for this: polarized reviews. But you can use this clustering of good and bad to your benefit.

Here’s how: 

You can segment those poor reviews and identify any common threads or themes to improve resolution. You can also prioritize follow up for those types of clients to win back their loyalty.

And for the good reviews? You can identify what they rave about and make them part of your marketing by asking them to be a case study.

Our Home Warranty CRM Automates Your Upselling, Too

Few things are as frustrating or stressful as when your AC or furnace doesn’t work.

But have you noticed these breakdowns happen at the beginning of the season? There’s a reason for that.

In the case of air conditioners, the winter and spring dormancy can reveal corrosion, dried out lubricants, wildlife nests and other problems.  So, when you use it for the first time during the year, it’s more likely to malfunction.

Not surprisingly, 47% of home warranty claims are made to repair air conditioners.

You would be wise to start upselling during the months or weeks leading up to AC (or furnace) season.  

Inline CRM clients can automate an email to their auto warranty customers, offering them home warranties at a “special customer price.” You can even design this based on your brand! And the same upselling automation can be used for upselling furnace repairs in early fall or RV policies in the spring.

You Can Manage It All

Whether you’re in charge of selling home warranties or administering them, our all-in-one software makes your job easier.

If you want to try it out yourself, contact us for a no-risk, no-obligation access trial.