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Transform Unlimited Web-Based Reporting into Infinite Possibilities.​

With the right data, you can do just about anything. That’s why we made it easy for you to mine all the information you want with some of the most robust web-based reporting you’ll find for any industry.

Sales Reports

You want more than simple sales and cancel logs. You need to segment, drill down and refine until you find that one piece of information that makes more profit.

Inline CRM comes with more than 20 standard sales report templates at the click of a button

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Sales By Vehicle

Segment by Manufacturer

See sales performance based on make. For example, you can determine that your Chevy contracts are more profitable than Ford.

Determine Readouts by Geolocation

Find out if policies are more profitable based on their location. For example, home service contracts might perform better in Maine than Montana.

User Close and Quote Rate

Individual user stats. See which reps are turning prospects into paying customers.

Analyze quotes per user. View data on the status of your calls and quotes.

Analyze Cancellations

Reducing churn is as easy as pushing a button. Find out who is canceling their service contracts and why, based on any factor you want to know:

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Vehicle Model
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Home Type
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Contract Length
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Sales Start Date
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Sales Rep
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Industry Trends
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Down Payment Amount

Web-Based Reports for Your Accounting Team

Inline CRM makes it a snap for you to forecast revenue, budget, and remain fiscally sound.

More Than Basics.

Dive deep into the true costs of discounts, sales commissions and other administrative expenses.

High-Level Summaries.

Show public and private investors the top factors contributing to monthly gains or losses.

Detailed Tax Reports.

Our software helps you pay the proper tax rates for the extended warranties you sell at the state and county level.

Smarter Predictions.

Use data to proactively send payment notices and write off accounts.

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The Benefits of Our Web-Based Reports

Customize and Create Any Report.

Really, any. The only limit is your imagination.

Highly Visual.

Reports are automatically created in simple-to-see pie charts, bar graphs, line charts and more, all color coded so you can interpret the data faster.

Multiple File Formats.

Excel, .csv, .rtf. Create reports in the format you use most often.

Custom Scheduling.

Pick a day, week or hour to generate as many reports as you want.

Market Better.

Track each direct marketing campaign by medium, state, start date and more to sell more extended warranties.

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