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Your Process

As an extended warranty and Vehicle Service Contract marketer, you know that sometimes your customers will try to decide against purchasing additional protection for their new or used vehicles. You, as a business owner, are perfectly aware that having these warranties at their disposal will benefit them in the long run, however, there could be some aspects of buying warranties that make your customers second guess themselves.

So, what are some tips on how to sell protection plans?

For starters, you need to stress the advantages that come with extended warranties and vehicle service contracts. Explaining the overall cost-effectiveness and pluses that come with extended warranties will show your customers that you are a trusted source of information as they go through the buying process. This positions your role as an educated provider as well as a qualified expert within auto warranty sales.

Upfront Cost vs. Potential Cost

The most common determining factor for customers to purchase an extended warranty is always going to be the cost. Telling your customers the upfront cost would be cheaper than the risk they take on if they leave without a warranty can sway them significantly in favor of signing a contract with you. With so many customers wary of the extra cost associated with extended warranties, it’s important to guide them through the benefits of having one.

What is included in their protection plan?

An extended car warranty is a short term insurance policy that protects customers from extra costs that could come from random accidents and unforeseen repairs. These agreements last for an agreed-upon amount of time and miles on the vehicle.

Why they need it

Warranties are an investment in having peace of mind as a buyer. Selling extended car warranties is easier when the payments are parceled out along a few months. Most people don’t have a chunk of funds set aside for costly repairs, so when you close a car warranty sale, you’re protecting your customers’ budget.

Our Software Makes Auto Warranty Sales Easy

We have the tools you need to sell more extended warranties. Inline CRM is built around flexibility and convenience. Our CRM software for extended warranty fulfillment uses cutting-edge technology. Since it is a browser-based system, our CRM can be used anywhere you are, at any time. In fact, our powerful extended warranty sales CRM reporting tool is available in the app store, which means you can always know where your extended warranty business stands, even on the go.

Inline CRM also has the capabilities to sell protection plans for any type of vehicle to limit the number of workarounds you and your staff would have to go through. We have options for RV, motorcycle, car, and even home warranties.

If Inline CRM sounds like the right tool to help you sell extended warranties and vehicle service contracts, schedule a test drive with us today!