5 Warning Signs You Need a New CRM

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You know how lucrative the extended warranty business can be. In fact, the global market is worth more than $120 billion!

You also know the boost using a CRM can give your bottom line. Research shows a 29% sales increase thanks to CRMs.

With so much profit at stake, you should probably evaluate whether the tools your business uses are maximizing your money-making potential.

Here are some signs you should consider getting a different CRM:

1.) It Has Limited Functionality

Here’s an interesting stat: Only 11% of people will make lifestyle changes even if they are told they could reverse diabetes, restore their health or live longer.

Well, what does that have to do with changing CRM systems?

It shows how resistant we can be to change! Most people have used their existing software from 2-5 years. That’s practically a lifetime of fresh features and improvements they might be missing out on!

If it’s been a while since you considered switching, you owe it to yourself to find out what new functionality you can get (like built-in refund calculators).

2.) Extra Processes

Wondering if your CRM might be outdated?

Well, the average sales process has six steps from introduction to close. The proper tools should keep that number low, even lower wherever possible. So, if you’re making things more complex or constantly updating your processes, it might be time to move on.

After all, your CRM should accommodate you. Not the other way around.

3.) Working Around

If you’re adding more processes, those might lead to more workarounds. And that might lead to a workaround around a workaround to the point you can’t keep track of the extra processes you have in place because your extended warranty CRM doesn’t do what you want it to.

It can get confusing, just like that last sentence.

Looking to see what other options are on the market can save you time—not to mention some aspirin.

4.) It’s Not Cloud Compatible

Can you imagine doing your job without the internet? Probably not, especially when more than 45% of workers work remote at least part-time—and that number will only increase in the future.

That underscores the need for web-based, mobile CRMs.

With access to customer data anywhere, anytime, 65% of salespeople who use mobile CRMs met their sales quotas. Compare that to only 22% of salespeople who met sales goals without a mobile CRM and the math makes sense to move to an online CRM (like Inline!).

5.) You Have to Write Reports

You probably have a lot of different reports to make: Sales, payroll and maybe even the dreaded cancellation report.

Those reports can provide the insights to improve your business. But they can also take up time. Maybe too much time. It’s estimated that managers spend at least one working day each week on manual data tasks like reporting—hours that could be better spent doing just about anything else.

Upgrading to a CRM that creates the reports for you in a nice and tidy visual format, including custom query reports, can improve the way your business operates.

What Is Your Current CRM Missing?

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