7 Resolutions for 2024 We’ve Made to Wow You

Illustration of two people standing on opposite sides of a giant contract that reads 7 Resolutions for 2024.

Someone once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

And in the spirit of making New Year’s resolutions, we’ve made it our goal to double down on every element of the customer experience.

That’s not a wishy-washy platitude. We have a specific roadmap in mind — and this is what it means for our Inline CRM customers.

Resolution #1: Stepping Up Service

Let’s face it: You are the reason we’re in business to begin with. In fact, delighting you is one of reasons we do what we do. And to make sure your delight is never in doubt, we added two new teammates.

Chelsea France, Director of Client Relations at Inline Data Systems, wears a white cardgan and black undershirt in front of a brick wall and tree.

Chelsea France, Director of Client Relations

Chelsea comes to us with many years in the bullpen of a direct-to-consumer warranty call center and leans into that expertise to help onboard new clients while addressing their needs and requests.

Nicole Taylor, Operations Manager at Inline Data Systems, stands in front of a brick wall, smiling.

Nicole Taylor, Operations Manager

Nicole also has deep experience working in direct-to-consumer warranty call centers and is focusing her attention on providing the level of customer support we’re famous for.

In addition, we have fleshed out the Service Level Agreement (SLA) section of our website so you know the high standards we hold for ourselves while empowering you to keep selling!

What This Means: We have — and will continue — to increase available reources so you are always taken care of.

Resolution #2: Your Ticket to Faster… Resolutions

Every second you experience an issue is one less second you can focus on your bottom line — and those seconds can add up in a hurry.

So, late last year we launched a new ticketing system to break those productivity bottlenecks and elevate your issues faster. While this system has only been around for a few months, clients are already seeing a 65% improvement in resolution times.

Not bad, but there’s still room for improvement; and you better believe we’re working as you read this to refine and enhance that system even more.

What This Means: As a technology company, we owe it to you to leverage our talents to take care of you in the most efficient way possible — and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Resolution #3: Non-Stop Brainstorming

Question: What happens when everyone thinks the same?

Answer: Not nearly as much as could happen.

Outcome: Stagnation.

That’s why Inline makes it a strategic priority to hire team members who possess varied talents from multiple industries. The more distinct voices we hear, the broader — and better! — our ideas will become. In fact, this commitment to diversity and inclusion was at the forefront when hiring our new client-centric superstars (see Resolution #1.)

What This Means: We recognize complacency can lead to suboptimal outcomes. Our team is going to bring our heads together for fresh, exciting thinking. Because if two heads are better than one, then two different heads hold even greater potential to keep us on top as the leading CRM company in the extended warranty industry.

Resolution #4: Acting On Your Input

Did you know that barely half of customers (55% to be exact) feel their opinions mean anything to companies that ask?

To put it lightly, that number needs to be higher.

Much, much higher.

Bar graph showing that only 55% of United States customers feel their opinions mean anything to companies.
Statista survey “Do You Believe Most Brands Take Action On Feedback Provided By Their Customers?”

Fortunately, Inline doesn’t just hear what you have to say. We put it into action.

Your feedback has spurred some of our most popular dashboard widgets and even payroll commission software functionality clients enjoy to this day. And that above graph, disappointing as it may be, only reinforces our resolve to giving you more of what you want.

What This Means: Anyone can say “We put clients first,” but actions will always speak louder. And to show we mean business, don’t be surprised if we reach out to get your feedback on what would make your job easier.

Resolution #5: Better Onboarding

Moving to a new CRM is daunting to say the least. And while we’ve helped hundreds of companies migrate to our system, there’s always something new to learn.

2023 saw us help three of the industry’s biggest become clients. While these were ultimately successful transitions, we noticed a few areas in which we could have made the switch more seamless.

As a result, we will:

      • Spend more time during discovery to learn what you need prior to planning, training and launch day.

      • Ensure that stakeholders are more involved during those initial conversations and pre-launch decision-making meetings.

      • Incorporate more hands-on training so new users can play with and test our CRM while we oversee on a deeper scale.

    What This Means: The first few days and weeks of a new CRM set the tone for everything that follows. We are confident that moving forward, every migration will be as smooth as realistically possible.

    Resolution #6: Even More APIs

    Our CRM already boasts partnerships and integrations with some notable industry behemoths, like Carfax, Dealer Rater and more. But those additions are so 2023.

    Soon, each client will be able to integrate a FreshDesk widget in their site to communicate faster with support while having 24/7 access to an extensive, searchable knowledge base.

    Pretty cool, right?

    What This Means: More integrations mean more possibilities. And we’re in the business of unlocking more for your company.

    Resolution #7: Launching New Features

    Yes, we’re a little biased but we firmly believe our features outperform the competition.

    And in 2024, you’re going to have even more technology at your fingertips. Soon, you’ll be able to select specific campaigns while making quotes. That means no more creating new campaigns — and that makes your job easier.

    What This Means: Even greater things are in store.

    In Short, We Resolve to Get a Little Better. Every Day.

    We’ve already made great strides just one month into this year — and can’t wait to continually exceed the goals we’ve made to make your experience the best it can be.

    Join us on this journey of perpetual improvement and get a free demo of everything Inline CRM has to offer.

    Together, we can make 2024 one for the record books.