This CRM Lead Management Process Can Increase Revenue by 33%

What do you do when you get your leads?

Is it a first-come, first-served free-for-all in your call center? Or is there an established method in place?

The truth is, companies that outperform most likely follow a CRM lead management process.

Here’s what should be in yours.

Tip #1 For Your CRM Lead Management Process: Follow Up, FAST!

We hate to break it to you, but… your company isn’t the only one that sells extended warranties.

Your potential customers have options. Lots of them.

And since more than half of shoppers do research to make the best decision possible, odds are they’ve kicked the tires on your competition — and maybe even reached out to them first.

“Speed to lead” becomes one of the most important rules in sales. In fact, your odds of qualifying a lead drop by 80% if you wait more than five minutes to follow up after a lead comes your way.

Even more shocking?

Your lead will go with the company that calls them first a whopping 50% of the time!

What does that mean?

You should try calling leads on the weekend. Yes, you read that right.

Chart showing conversion rates are higher with a crm lead management process that includes calling leads on weekends.

That chart shows that leads that were contacted Saturdays or Sundays converted 20% better than weekday leads.

Here’s why: Those leads were submitted on a Friday — and the companies that are “always on” can strike while the lead is still hot.

Even better: with Inline CRM, you can create user groups of sales agents tasked with that responsibility!

Tip #2: Personalize E-V-E-R-T-H-I-N-G

There’s a saying that goes something like “It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

Well, that saying couldn’t be more wrong.

Business is personal, at least as far as your leads are concerned.

So, how can you make things personal right from the start? By including everything you know about them during your very first conversation.

We know that might seem, well, kind of creepy. But when you personalize with tact, you can demonstrate an elevated level of professionalism.

Something like this:

“Is this ______?” Hi ______, I’m ___  from ________ following up to save you money for repairs on your {year, make, model).”

Talk about making things personal! Following this model, you will have:

  • Hopefully called within five minutes of receiving their interest
  • Said their name twice in a span of five words (this builds rapid rapport)
  • Shown you know exactly what kind of policy they are looking for (you understand them)
  • Demonstrated you’re calling for a reason that benefits them (saving money, not making a sale)

Try working this line of thinking into your call center script and nurturing emails while refining as needed.

You could see a 15% lift in revenue.

Tip #3: Make Them Content with Your Content

You probably consume content virtually every waking second.

Just think about it:

Radio shows on your way to (and from) the office. YouTube videos during lunch. A favorite show or podcast to wind down the day.

You know who else does? Your leads.

That’s why there are literally millions of websites all vying to stand out from each another in ways besides their products — and the great equalizer is content.

Here’s the proof:

  • 61% of people are more likely to buy from companies that deliver content they can’t find elsewhere
  • 82% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content

Now, just imagine you’re choosing between two companies that are completely identical in every way, shape and form — except one has taken the time to inform you with tips or tricks you won’t see anywhere else.

Which one are you going with?

That’s what we thought.

Our suggestion: start slow by including tiny tidbits in follow-up emails; anything that is relevant and personalized to the conversation you just had with your prospect.

Tip #4: Follow Them Around (Online)

You know that one time you visited a website and then you saw ads for that company everywhere you went online?

There’s a name for that: Retargeting.

And companies retarget website visitors because it works.


  • Has an efficiency rate of 514%
  • Can increase conversion rates by 150%
  • Can increase revenue by 33%

Mind blowing, right? And there are dozens more examples to read if you’re interested.

So, how can this marketing marvel help?

Segment your website visitors by the page they visited (for example, extended auto policy or home warranty) and then serve ads highlighting your customer approval rating or average amount saved.

That should warm your leads right up.

Tip #5: Learn From Experience

This might be one of the most under-used steps in a CRM lead management process. And it’s a shame because it can really move the needle.

What are we talking about?

Feedback from your leads: Those that converted and — more importantly — those that didn’t.

By feedback, we’re talking about why leads bought from you (or not).

Note how different this is from asking your customers how satisfied they are. By doing this, you’re going to get specifics that can dramatically help you put your best foot forward with future prospects.Here’s a quick guide to follow:

  1. Email your non-converting prospects and ask them for a quick favor. Include their name to personalize!
  2. Give them options to choose why they didn’t buy. For example:
    • Too expensive
    • Don’t understand coverage
    • Not sure it’s worth it
    • Just not interested
    • Went with another company
      • If so, which company?
    • Other reason: _______
  3. Offer them an incentive like a contribution to a charity of their choice or a gift card.

We’ll be frank; the odds someone will fill this out is around 1%. But what you learn can inform what steps to take to improve your sales pitch or product offering.

Fortunately, you can track performance of the email campaign you set up in Inline CRM.

Now What?

Perfecting your CRM lead management process is a never-ending task. But it’s an effort that must be done — and Inline Data Systems is always available to provide the hands-on support you need.

Get your hands on our full software offerings and request a free demo today.