Benefits of No Long-term Commitments

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At Inline Data Systems, we do not have any long-term contract or commitments. Not one. Every single one of our customers (big and small) is on a transaction based plan with Inline which is an extended warranty CRM. If our customers are not making money, then Inline isn’t making money. If you want to walk away from Inline, all you have to do is stop selling extended warranties through your database and pay off any balance that might be due. That’s it!

no long term contracts

How does Inline maintain relationships with customers beyond a contract?

It’s quite simple. We focus on three important points:

  1. Value Matters

Long-term contracts seem to be a standard operating procedure for many companies, but many times that comes with a dissatisfied customer who expects great customer service and system upgrades in their extended warranty CRM. If you do get a customer locked into a one, two, or three year agreement, you don’t have to deliver all those expectations since the customer can’t really leave without paying a big penalty.

At Inline Data Systems, we strive to “give more than you get” approach to every client interaction we have. It’s the real law of value. Without a long term contract, it keeps us accountable to deliver on that stellar customer service, and making our system operate at it’s very best! If we underdeliver, our client is free to walk away anytime. If we overdeliver, we don’t have to worry about that happening. We don’t need a long-term contract to force them to stay.

  1. Competitive Pricing

We believe in pricing our extended warranty CRM and sales fulfillment services in a way that demonstrates our value, but isn’t so aggressively expensive that it is easy for a client to leave us simply because they could save money. Our pricing is very competitive compared to our direct competitors in the vehicle and home service contracts industry. While we may not be the cheapest, we provide that value and flexibility to all of our customers. And, that’s ok with us because it means we’re even more likely to keep clients for a long time without forcing them to stay. That leads us straight to our 3rd point.

  1. Happy Clients Stay

With affordable pricing and strong values, once we land a client we work very hard to put all of our expertise to work for them. Since they’ve chosen to work with us, we work very hard to meet their needs. It’s safe to say that we want our clients to stay with us because they are happy with our work, not because we’re holding it over their heads with a long-term contract.

So, is there an Inline Contract to sign?

While we don’t do any long-term commitments, we do have our customers sign a legal contract. We value the power of a written agreement that includes pricing, objectives, and management process. It’s important for both parties to have an agreement in place.

At the end of the day, we value close relationships with our clients, and frankly, we aren’t happy if you’re not happy so why would we string you along. That’s a recipe for disaster. Our track record is pretty impressive. Our customer retention rate is at 95%. Let’s call it the “Inline Satisfaction Guarantee”.

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