A Letter from Our CEO: Justin Wilkerson

Justin Wilkerson wears an Inline Data Systems quarter zip and sits at his office desk.

To All Our Current (and Future!) Clients,

One of my favorite things about owning a growing, tight-knit company is cultivating meaningful relationships. After all, the extended warranty space is fairly specialized. And you should feel at ease with your partner.

So, I thought I would jump on my podium and talk about the state of our industry and how Inline Data Systems remains committed to your success.

Know What’s Coming

If I had to pick one word to describe the trajectory of CRMs, it would be “centralized.”

You’re probably seeing it right now: The need for more integration of tools and software into one platform, whether it’s sales commission payroll , accounting, direct sales marketing, ERP or ETL.

Thanks to our decades of expertise in the VSC space, this is something we saw coming a while ago. That’s why we’ve been adding this much-needed functionality to our system over the years.

Markets change. Buying habits and preferences shift. But partnering with a company that anticipates rather than reacts can mean the difference between leading and following.  

So, choose a leader.

Know What You’re Buying

Simply having a CRM isn’t enough.

If you want to truly maximize your sales potential, you need to know the ins and outs of using it. Some CRM providers fall short in explaining what their software does.

We walk our clients through every last bell and whistle at their disposal — before, during and after the sale. Many of our clients have our personal cell phone numbers and aren’t shy to call us whenever they have a question.

That’s just the way we like it.

One feature I wish our clients would use more often is the branding component of our email integration. It’s such a simple— but effective — way to present a consistent experience to your leads or customers.

Know Who You’re Working With

At this point, I’d like to put a rumor to rest once and unequivocally:

Inline Data Systems has one owner: Me.

I started this company like so many American success stories — from a basement.

It was a steep climb at the start. Would you trust a 20-something with your business?

I had to constantly battle stereotypes and misconceptions.

But I had a lot working in my favor: The knowledge I gained from building an application during my time interning for a VSC call center. My experience learning how the finance and admin side worked at the same call center. Becoming CIO of that very same call center. The learnings my first employers imparted.

In the end, these all won out.

And over the years, Inline has grown our workforce, won a couple of awards and now we do business from a 6,000 square foot office we own.

A lobby photo of Inline Data Systems

So, while I’m the sole owner, I certainly didn’t do it alone.

No one does.

As long as I’m in charge —and I plan to be for a long time — our reputation of honesty, integrity and technology will continue to guide how we do business.

I will continue to nurture an environment where everyone looks forward to coming to the office. Where ideas flow freely.

Justin Wilkerson, Jake Lawson, Cindy Jackson and Ismail Akcaoglu of Inline Data Systems have a meeting in their conference room

Most importantly, I will continue to leverage our experience to create your success.

Know What Success Is

Every company out there wants you to succeed.

We’re no different in that respect. But here’s how we are.

We only make money if you do.

So, when we say we’re committed to integrating new technology, constantly improving our warranty CRM or always making ourselves available from the top down, you can believe it.

That’s also why I was very selective with whom I hired. Just about everyone — including client facing team members — has at least some familiarity with extended warranties.

We’ve held the same titles, worked towards the same goals and faced the same issues you do. If our technology is our special sauce, then our people are the secret ingredient.

And we’re going to continue growing exponentially to make sure you do, too.

Thanks for reading.

Yours in Success,

Justin Wilkerson's signature in cursive.