One stop solution for all home and vehicle service contracts

A collage of sports cars, a recreational vehicle and a row of houses.

There is a new demand to sell home warranties in the extended warranty space.  There’s a good chance you’ve been selling vehicle service contracts for many years, but looking to expand into other products.  It makes sense. Administrators are now promoting their home products and encouraging marketers to get selling.  However, your current CRM system doesn’t have home built into it.  Sound familiar?

With Inline CRM, we make it easy to sell and manage multiple products in the extended warranty space. Yes, we offer vehicle, home, RV, motorcycle, and commercial truck extended warranties. Many call centers have to do a work around or wait to roll out their home business because their current CRM platform isn’t built to sell or manage the home product. Inline CRM is quickly proving to be the stronger option for call centers that value agility and integration in their workflows.

Here are a few reasons why selling home and vehicle is so easy

Accessibility & Products

Inline CRM offers all your extended warranty products under one drop down menu.  Plus, you can manage all service contracts under one household and one record.  Yes, that’s right.  You can sell John Smith a home warranty and vehicle warranty for all three of his cars, along with an extended warranty on his RV and motorcycle.  As you can see below, it’s simple and very accessible.


Inline CRM was built as a workhorse to meet the needs of all service contract providers.  We are integrated with 100s of service providers in the extended warranty space, including product administrators and payment plan companies. Besides offering multiple products and providers, Inline CRM has an open API which ensures compatibility.  The system easily integrates with data providers, payment processors, phone system providers, and so on. Our system is an execution software that allows for customization depending on your business needs. With an open API, we can work with your business selling online, adding specific fields, and making any enhancements that might benefit your business model.

Better Data Collection

Data collection is one of the most import factors for modern businesses.  With Inline CRM, you are able to get more diversified data and reporting from one single pipeline.  Also, it has extremely flexible web service options for data coming into the system. Our reporting and analytics are top notch and offer many insights for sales, campaigns, accounting, and customer service.


One of the biggest benefits of an all-in-one cloud-based solution like Inline CRM is its scalability.  If you plan for the future of your business, you need a software solution that can help you grow.

With Inline CRM, you can scale almost instantly, making it a more versatile solution for all of your needs in the extended warranty space.

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