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To be active and stay relevant in your customer’s lives, your business needs to remain accessible. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a tool used by many to streamline communications between businesses and their customer base. However, choosing and implementing the right CRM for your industry can sometimes present a host of problems when it comes to software usability and integration with your current systems. Frustrations that consistently arise with CRM software also range from a lack of accessibility to poor reporting capabilities.

Inline CRM addresses all of these issues and more within the service contract sales fulfillment industry. We stay in touch with our clients, listen to their feedback, and try to improve their experience with our CRM software whenever possible.

Our software is specifically designed for those in our industry. At Inline Data Systems, our mission is to provide clients with reliable, cost-effective software that is flexible in expanding our clients’ growing businesses.

The Issue: Lack of Adaptability and Accessibility

For those who operate on desktop-based CRMs, it can be a hassle not being able to access your data without the specific device that houses your chosen software. In case you didn’t know, Inline CRM offers the ONLY browser-based software option in the industry.

The Fix: Browser-Based Operational Software

This allows our clients to access their information wherever they handle operations and on the road, any time they need it. With browser-based capabilities, your data is continuously backed up, so there’s no need to take the extra step to save out the recently added customer information.

Not only that, but providing our software on a browser-based platform allows Inline Data Systems to regularly and automatically download updates behind the scenes so you always have the latest software at your fingertips.

The Issue: Software Usability

Throughout the installation process and beyond, our team understands the importance of understanding all of the ins and outs of the software at your disposal. After all, how can you successfully convert leads and retain customers if you don’t fully know how to operate your CRM?

Oftentimes, the ones handling the CRM operations aren’t software experts. Your company could be wasting time and money on a feature-filled CRM when your sales reps aren’t completely trained on every capability they have access to. In fact, InsideCRM found that 55% of sales professionals feel that ease-of-use is one of the most important features of CRM software.

The Fix: Consistent Training and Support from Our Team

No matter what, your team will need additional training when it comes to learning how to use your latest CRM. Inline Data Systems offers extensive customer support, whether you need it within the system, over the phone, or in-person.

We like to imagine our clients transitioning from a flip-phone to a smartphone. Chances are, they might need someone to guide them through the more complicated aspects of the software, but our overall usability is better than the rest. It might take some getting used to, but that’s exactly what our team is there for. The ease of use comes along with learning directly from our trained experts.

The Issue: Static and Unreliable Reporting

Converting your reporting data into usable Excel spreadsheets with pivot tables and graphs can prove to be a mind-numbing experience. Presenting this data can also pose an obstacle for businesses, as non-interactive reporting causes both employees’ and customers’ eyes to glaze over with disinterest. With some CRM reporting, you might not even be able to get into the real nitty-gritty of the data your sales team needs to improve.

The Fix: Visual and Aggregate VSC Reporting

With our visual reporting capabilities, Inline CRM offers a preferred method of data presentation. You get the option to create reports that are customizable to the needs of you and your business. These customizable reports can go so far as allowing managers to be able to see sales reports for their teams, visualized metrics such as closing ratios, sales performance by individual, and exact profits brought in by each sales representative.

With this kind of drill-down reporting, you can pull aggregate numbers, graphs, and dynamic links within Excel that go back to our system. With our reporting system, you can spend less time worrying about copying and pasting values into Excel, and more time concentrating on obtaining quick insights to improve and work towards your sales goals.

If it sounds like we have the solutions to all of your CRM frustrations, contact us to schedule a test drive today!