How to Calculate Sales Commissions In a Few Clicks

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Payday can be polarizing.

Employees live for it. Accountants can dread it—especially when complicated commissions are involved.

So, what if you could pay your sales reps their cut in just a few clicks with 100% accuracy—without downloading any spreadsheets, calculating any formulas, or doing any V-Chart lookups?

Inline CRM not only makes it possible, our payroll calculator makes it easy.

But before we explain how, let’s discuss why this is a big deal for your company’s bottom line.

No More Manual Mistakes

If there was ever a scary accounting fact, it’s this: Nearly 90% of spreadsheets have at least one formula error!

Or that JP Morgan lost $6 billion from a copy/paste mistake in a spreadsheet.

Okay, so maybe those are two scary accounting facts. But there are also snafus like the possibility that you might underpay, overpay, or outright miss a commission.

The fact is our payroll CRM removes costly human errors—and it comes with built-in features that make payroll a breeze. It can even help motivate your sales reps.

Now onto the built-in benefits.

Live Commission Calculator

Even the most seasoned sales reps can get confused by how much they’ll make on any given extended warranty sale.

Is it any wonder?

The number of monthly payments involved, their commission when they finagle the price to seal the deal, how much they collect for down payment at time of sale… these can all factor into how much your reps take home.

Inline's live commission calculator

Fortunately, your agents can see what their commission will be in real-time based on just about any factor you can think of for that pay period.

Unlimited Pay Schedules

If you want to make your employees happier, you don’t necessarily have to pay them more money. You just need to pay them more often.

64% of sales reps have stated they want to get paid weekly.

Fortunately, our CRM gives you the flexibility to set up unlimited custom pay schedules.

Setting up commission pay schedules

It’s a simple way to keep your reps driven to make more sales every day, or week, or every other Wednesday, or… however often you want.

Unlimited Pay Structures

Did you know that calculating commissions manually can take 10X longer?

A big part of that wasted time is figuring out different incentives depending on the outcome (retaining an almost-cancel vs. making a sale), or your employee’s role (inbound call center rep vs. an outbound sales rep).

You can reclaim all those hours with our software.

Calculating commission pay structures with Inline CRM

All you need to do is give us the parameters you use, and we’ll do the coding and configuring for you, so you’ll save time every time payday rolls around.

Unlimited Pay Profiles

Different sales reps will have different goals—and different commissions as a result.

They might make more selling an extended VSC warranty from an email campaign than they would for a VSC someone saw a commercial for. Even where your reps live could influence their commission rate.

Those are a lot of variables for just one employee, let alone dozens or hundreds.

Setting up commission pay profiles with Inline CRM

With our system, your employees’ commissions are automatically calculated, no matter how many different pay groups, options or profiles they belong to.

Running Reports

We’ve been focusing a lot on the commission part of our software—and we should.

No other CRM in the industry has this type of functionality.

But you should also know about the 14 Payroll Reports that can help your finance department, including Chargebacks (we also have a refund calculator for that), Pay Periods Missed and Policies Paid.

You can download those reports in just about any format you want:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • CSV
  • RTF
  • Yes, even Excel

Watch the video below to see how you can practically automate your commissions and payroll with just a few clicks.

And when you’re ready to make payday less painful, schedule a demo of Inline CRM today!