How You Can Drive Efficiency With Your Call Center Scripts

Smiling query building customer support representative.

While call center scripting is an effective way to help your team through a series of interactions, scripts can be much more than conversation guides. They can be one of the most powerful tools for your business. When used the right way, your scripts can ensure everyone on your call center operates  efficiently, effectively and as a team.

So, how do you get the most out of your scripts? It’s all in how you use them. Here are a few ideas for how you can make sure your scripts are working hard to drive your team’s efficiency.

Ensure your brand stays front and center

Instead of simply looking at a script as a way to get into the conversation and move from one potential topic to the next, consider the most important point of all: your brand. When building your script, you have the power to make your brand shine. So, consider: How does your brand sound? Is there a memorable greeting? Is there a way to give potential customers a positive feeling of your brand throughout the conversation? Is there something that can remain consistent from one interaction to the next? Give your team the power to best represent your brand by making your brand front and center in the conversation.

Get everyone up-to-speed

Have a new product? A change in specifications? A point everyone needs to start communicating? You could hold a meeting, taking time out of your team’s productivity. You could send an email, hoping everyone reads it. Or you could simply build it into the script. When you make it part of your sales team’s script, you’ll ensure they not only have the vital new information. You’ll also guarantee they communicate it in exactly the right way. No expensive meetings, no exhausting chain of communication. Everyone is up-to-speed and ready to go.

Make it your training tool

Training new team members can be time-consuming and costly. One way to bring the costs and time down is to make your script part of your training process. There’s no better way to get your new agents the vital information they need than by having it right there for them in the script. It will not only get them in the know, it will get them on the phone faster. With their script as their guide, they’ll be ready and comfortable to start making the sale.

Boost your team’s confidence

Effective call center scripts is one of the simplest tools you have to empower your team. When you build your scripts to be simple, easy-to-follow and easy to speak, you’ll not only have clearer communication, you’re improving agent performance. With more confidence, they’ll have an opportunity to establish rapport with potential customers – making a future sale even more likely.

Boost your own confidence

Your script is also a good way for you to know you have your bases covered. With session script reporting, you’ll be able to see whether agents are using the script and following it effectively. It may also give you insight into any areas of the script that may be causing an issue so that you can quickly address and adjust them when necessary. And, with every scripted conversation stored on the customer record and ready to access, when it comes to legal compliance, you have all the information at your fingertips.

It’s time you make sure your scripts are elevating your call center’s performance. Using Inline CRM, you’ll have your script feature built right into your CRM, making it easier than ever to ensure your team is as efficient and productive as possible. Ready for a test drive? Contact us today.