A call center team member using inline crm.


Everyone needs to stay organized. Whether you’re a business of one or a company of many, there’s a method of organization that works for everyone. At first, that might mean spreadsheets, loads and loads of spreadsheets, but this could mean important customer information gets lost in the shuffle. This can also become too time-consuming and confusing, so utilizing software that allows you to bring all of your B2C or B2B information together will ultimately create a better process for your business. That’s where a CRM with Inline comes in.

A customer relations management tool has a significant impact on overall customer satisfaction. Having a centralized location for your sales staff and customers to interact on will drive productivity on both ends. Keeping your sales staff productive and your customers happy with the ease of your CRM platform will be worth it in the long run.


Benefits of CRMs

There are many benefits to utilizing a CRM for your business. The first things that come to mind are the ability to have shared platforms among you, your employees, and your customers. This provides a collaborative space for your business and keeps all of your necessary documents in one place for easy access.


Customer Support Accessibility

Inline CRM prides ourselves on our ability to be accessible to our clients whenever they need help. Through the use of our CRM, you can provide this level of customer support to your customers as well.

When you use our software, you can integrate your extended warranty fulfillment contracts, automatically send emails to every quote who didn’t buy a contract, and easily transition existing information to the new platform. Inline also provides a dedicated team member to ease this process even further.

Solve problems for your customers faster through the use of a CRM. Having all of the tracking information, warranty, and contact information available in one place allows you to tackle any issues head-on without delay.


Leaves an Impression

Having CRM capabilities that allow the streamlining of processes leaves a good impression on your customers. The ability to respond quickly, have functionalities that extend past the standard, and the ability to fulfill your VSC sales fulfillment needs reflects well on your business and makes you stand out amongst the competition.

With Inline CRM, you have total control over your data.


Inline Capabilities

Our CRM provides you the ability to sell extended warranty contracts, manage marketing campaigns, automate your commission payments and so much more. Consolidate your communications and watch your business grow in live time with Inline.

If it sounds like we have the solutions to help you streamline your business, contact us to schedule a test drive today!