Inline Data Systems FAQ

If you’re learning about us for the first time or just want a quick answer, this page is for you.

We are a B2B software company with two powerful systems: 1) Inline CRM and 2) Inline Admin. Our software provides the extended warranty industry modernized technology to help businesses streamline how they sell and manage policies.  

Inline was founded in 2011; our relative youth means we’re hungry to improve and take the industry by storm!

Inline Data Systems was founded by Justin Wilkerson who also is the architect of Inline CRM and Inline Admin.  Justin Wilkerson is the sole owner and proprietor of Inline Data Systems.  There are no other partners involved. 

We have 50+ years of experience, including experience as call center sales reps, managing call center operations as well as familiarity with the finance and administration side.  Our team has worked in management, customer service and sales roles in the D2C warranty industry.

Our services are production based.  Some setup fees may apply, depending on the nature of the business.  Please contact sales for more information: 618-208-4058 or

We are available 8-5 CST at 618-208-4058 and via email. We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service and immediate response time.  We answer the phones and work to assist our customers with immediate attention.

Inline CRM is a sales fulfillment CRM offering vehicle, RV, home, commercial truck, and motorcycle warranty products. Our customers sell direct-to-consumer via Inline CRM.

Inline Admin is an administration system for warranty contract & claims management that streamlines the entire lifecycle of the warranty contracting and claims process for administrators, automotive groups, dealers, and realtors.

Both Inline CRM and Inline Admin are robust web-based applications built to provide the best technology so our customers can streamline their processes and grow their business.  Our systems were developed because of a need for more system solutions to alleviate that frustration from old, antiquated software and processes.

We print in-house two days a week: Tuesdays and Fridays.  We also mail the booklets directly from our in-house distribution center at Inline Data Systems.

Inline Admin has this capability to communicate with the customer for claims management. 

Inline CRM does not have texting capability direct to the customer, but is being evaluated. Our clients can use the Inline CRM API capabilities to text using a third party company. 

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